luni, 9 iulie 2018

top 3 business photo

top 3 business photo In the following I made a top 3 business in photography and here we took in calculating rankings at the same time photography business more accessible. 1.Fotografia of nunta- top stand wedding photography that prevails gain but easy to take photos and then a bit harder to enter the market 2. Photo of stock- now that we all have home PC and enter a image bank if things are different, even sell photos online but it's part of business in photography quite meticulous 3.Fotografia of children- great difficulty in photographing children is to be on the same wavelength with them, but parents are willing to give money to have babies childhood memories from the photo, you can do much more business, but you will learn about them in positions that will ...

joi, 5 iulie 2018

Flash , filtre and tripod photo

Flash , filtre and tripod photo

The Flash, a reliable light

If you know how to use it, and the flash light can be given without a trace. The most important is to do with the wall or any bounce.

It's very important that when you use a concentrated light (in our case the Flash) is not, as some say to make bounce. Care if you give with the wall or ceiling, and it is colored, you need to adjust the white balance.
What do you do if you are outside and the sky is too up to make bounce with it, nothing more simple turn the camera at 180 degrees.

Also a very appropriate that flashul to have that palette, or if it does not have to create you from a white cardboard.

marți, 3 iulie 2018

Photographer Alumni

The objective 

Today the school of photography we talk about goals. 

The goal is a set of lentil, with which the image is formed onthe light, which may be digital or film captor. The lens has adisfragma which works like the iris of the eye. Aperturedarker offers a greater depth of field and a lighterdiaphragm reduces their field. The objectives are two majorcategories, namely type zoom or fixed. More IBM-all goalscan be teleuri or fisheye lens (eye) but also wide. Asenlargement ratio targets may be macros. According tominimum aperture they may be more or less bright andtheir quality is shown by the fact of having or not thechromatic aberrations. 

Photographer Alumni 

In the following I will share a few steps to gain contracts tograduates. 

1. Portofiliu and diversified offer 
-albums of different sizes 
-low prices but also big prices 100-300 lei 

2. Offer something else besides's picture page 
-private parties 
-discount cards 

3. make more roads 
-It's advisable to make several drumiri at the same grade,goes from the first 

4. What should be included in the offer: 
-digital photo album 
-Unlimited photographs 
-private party 
-photos from the banquet 
-more photo sessions (fall, winter, spring, summer)